I am what some would call a professional gamer. With several gaming championships under the belt by the age of 20 I managed to make a living for myself out of my passion. I think I’m among the few people out there who get to live their dreams so early in life and I want to share both my success and my passion with you guys.

Due to the amazing level of today’s technology I got an early start in the gaming world. Like most kids my age, my first gaming console was a PS2 but I got to enjoy PC gaming as well. I was fascinated by the worlds you could access via technology and I wanted to know more about the way the games were created. I remember my folks being extremely proud as they believed I was going to learn to code and become rich out of this. But code wasn’t my passion so it didn’t work out.

I started my “gaming career” with Counter Strike and other first person shooter games and I moved up the ladder to co-op games like WarFrame. I am still fascinated by the level of action these games are capable of offering. But the best thing with online games is making new friends and meeting new people (virtually, of course).

One other step to success was streaming – I love sharing my gaming experiences with other gamers or fans. So, I believe you can say that it’s been quite a journey, right? Well, it was fun and it isn’t over yet!

Quite recently I developed an interest in mobile gaming or games developed for various mobile platforms like iOS or Android. They fascinate me by the level of detail and action they can offer. After all, it’s difficult to imagine how a developer can cram a game created for PS or Xbox into a version for mobile. But, as you know, it’s possible.

With this site (and hopefully others) I am hoping to share my knowledge and expertise in the industry. Also, I want to learn more about mobile games and I would love to hear your opinion as well. I want this site to be a communication platform where we share our ideas and ask questions where things are unclear.

So, don’t be strangers! Let me know your interests in the mobile gaming industry and the type of games you want me to review.

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